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Kep i Gjuhës

(Kepi i Gjuhezes) / Qarku i Vlores

40°25'0" N

19°18'0" E

~0m asl

09:58 (CEST - UTC/GMT+2)

Kep i Gjuhes (Kep i Gjuhës) is a cape (class T - Hypsographic) in Qarku i Vlores (Vlorë), Albania (Europe) with the region font code of Eastern Europe...
Kep i Gjuhës is also known as Akrotirion Akrokeravnion, Cape Glossa, Cape Linguetta, Capo Liguetta, Capo Linguetta, Cep i Giuhes, Cep i Giuhës, Cepi Gjuhes, Giouha, Glossa, Glossa burun, Kap Glossa, Kap Linguetta, Kap Lingustta, Karaburun, Kep i Closes, Kep i Closës, Kep i Gjuhes, Kep i Gjuhezes, Kep i Gjuhës, Kep i Gjuhëzës, Kep i Gloses, Kep i Glosës, Kepi i Gjuhes, Kepi i Gjuhezes, Kepi i Gjuhës, Kepi i Gjuhëzës, Kepi i Glosses, Maj e Ghughes, Maj' e Gjugjes, Maj’ e Gjugjes, Qaraburun, Rt Lingueta, Çepi Gjuhës.

Its coordinates are 40°25'0" N and 19°18'0" E in DMS (Degrees Minutes Seconds) or 40.4167 and 19.3 (in decimal degrees). Its UTM position is CK57 and its Joint Operation Graphics reference is NK34-10.

Current local time is 09:58; the sun rises at 07:54 and sets at 20:01 local time (Europe/Tirane UTC/GMT+2). The standard time zone for Kep i Gjuhes is UTC/GMT+1, but since Daylight Saving Time (DST) is in effect the current time zone is UTC/GMT+2.
In 2019 DST starts on 31 Mar 2019 and ends on 27 Oct 2019.

A Cape is a land area, more prominent than a point, projecting into the sea and marking a notable change in coastal direction.



Weather Kep i Gjuhës (Cloud cover, Temperature, Wind speed and Precipitation mm probab.)


Apr 24
17 °C min
21 °C max
42 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Apr 25
16 °C min
20 °C max
33 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Apr 26
16 °C min
22 °C max
16 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Apr 27
15 °C min
18 °C max
23 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Apr 28
14 °C min
19 °C max
24 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Apr 29
~6 l/m2 43%
14 °C min
17 °C max
31 km/h
Thu Jan 1

Weather Graph

Kepi i Gjuhezes (Qarku i Vlores) 7 day forecast

Map and Photos Kep i Gjuhes


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