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Shaikhdom of Kuwait

(State of Kuwait) / Muhafazat al Wafrah

29°30'0" N

47°45'0" E

~94m asl

20:47 (AST - UTC/GMT+3)

Shaikhdom of Kuwait (Shaikhdom of Kuwait) is a independent political entity (class A - Administrative Region) in Muhafazat al Wafrah (Kuwait (general)), Kuwait (Asia) with the region font code of Africa/Middle East. It is located at an elevation of 94 meters above sea level and its population amounts to 2,789,132.
Shaikhdom of Kuwait is also known as Al Kuwait, Al Kuweit, Co-oet, Coweit, Cuait, Cuvaitum, Cuáit, Cô-oét, Dawlat al Kuwayt, Dawlat al-Kuwait, Dowlat al Kuwait, Koeweit, Koubeit, Koveyit, Kowait, Koweit, Kowet, Koweyt, Koweït, Kuvaeytaen, Kuvait, Kuvajt, Kuvajti, Kuvajto, Kuvehjt, Kuveit, Kuveita, Kuveitas, Kuvejt, Kuveyt, Kuväytän, Kuwait, Kuwait - alkwyt, Kuwait - الكويت, Kuwajt, Kuwayt, Kuweit, Kuwejt, Kuweyt, Kúveit, Quvayt, Shaikhdom of Kuwait, Sheikhdom of Kuwait, State of Kuwait, alkwyt, dawlat aalkuayt, ke wei te, khuwet, kuu~eto, kuvairr, kuvaita, kuvaittu, kuveiti, kuweiteu, kuyeta, kwwyt, kwwyyt, kwyt, prathes khuwet, Κουβέιτ, Кувайт, Кувајт, Кувейт, Кувэйт, Քուվեյթ, כוויית, כווית, الكويت, دَوْلَة اَلْكُوَيْت, كۇۋەيت, کویت, کویټ, ܟܘܘܝܬ, कुवैत, কুয়েত, குவைத்து, കുവൈറ്റ്, คูเวต, ประเทศคูเวต, ຄູເວດ, ཀུ་ཝེཊ, ཀུ་ཝེད་རྒྱལ་ཁབ།, კუვეიტი, ქუვეითი, ኩዌት ከተማ, ክዌት, គុយវ៉ែត, クウェート, 科威特, 쿠웨이트.

Its coordinates are 29°30'0" N and 47°45'0" E in DMS (Degrees Minutes Seconds) or 29.5 and 47.75 (in decimal degrees). Its UTM position is QT66 and its Joint Operation Graphics reference is NH38-12.

Current local time is 20:47; the sun rises at 07:47 and sets at 19:54 local time (Asia/Kuwait UTC/GMT+3). The standard time zone for Shaikhdom of Kuwait is UTC/GMT+3
In 2020 DST starts on - and ends on -.



Weather Shaikhdom of Kuwait (Cloud cover, Temperature, Wind speed and Precipitation mm probab.)


Dec 5
19 °C min
23 °C max
14 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Dec 6
~4 l/m2 51%
16 °C min
20 °C max
25 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Dec 7
15 °C min
20 °C max
23 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Dec 8
14 °C min
20 °C max
24 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Dec 9
15 °C min
21 °C max
20 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Dec 10
16 °C min
22 °C max
18 km/h
Thu Jan 1

Weather Graph

State of Kuwait (Muhafazat al Wafrah) 7 day forecast

Map and Photos Shaikhdom of Kuwait


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