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Malgache Republic

(Republic of Madagascar) / Madagascar (general)

20°0'0" S

47°0'0" E

~1,660m asl

12:21 (EAT - UTC/GMT+3)

Malgache Republic (Malgache Republic) is a independent political entity (class A - Administrative Region) in Madagascar (general), Madagascar (Africa) with the region font code of Africa/Middle East. It is located at an elevation of 1,660 meters above sea level and its population amounts to 21,281,844.
Malgache Republic is also known as Democratic Republic of Madagascar, Grande-Ile, Grande-Terre, Grande-Île, Ile Rouge, La Grand Ile de Madagascar, La Grand Île de Madagascar, Ma-ga-gat-xca, Ma-ga-gat-xca (Madagascar), Ma-đa-gát-xca, Ma-đa-gát-xca (Madagascar), Madagascar, Madagascar and Dependencies, Madagascaria, Madagasikara, Madagaska, Madagaskar, Madagaskara, Madagaskaras, Madagaskare, Madagaskaro, Madagaszkar, Madagaszkár, Madagáscar, Maddajasska, Maddajaßka, Madegaskari, Malagash Republic, Malagasy Republic, Malgache, Malgache Republic, Repoblika Demokratika Malagasy, Repoblika Malagasy, Repoblikan'i Madagasikara, Repoblikan’i Madagasikara, Republic of Madagascar, Republique Democratique de Madagascar, Republique Malgache, Republique de Madagascar, Respublika Madagaskar, République Démocratique de Madagascar, République Malgache, République de Madagascar, Territoire de Madagascar, Territoire de Madagascar et Dependances, Territoire de Madagascar et Dépendances, ma da jia si jia, madagaseukaleu, madagaskar, madagaskara, madagasukaru, madagasukaru gong he guo, madakaseukaleu, madakaskar, madghaskr, matakaskar, mdghshqr, mdgsqr, medagaskara, prathes madakaskar, Île Rouge, Μαδαγασκάρη, Мадагаскар, Мадаґаскар, Республика Мадагаскар, Մադագասկար, מדגסקר, ماداگاسكار, ماداگاسکار, مادغاسکر, مدغشقر, مڈغاسکر, मडगास्कर, मदागास्कर, मेडागास्कर, মাদাগাস্কার, மடகாஸ்கர், മഡഗാസ്കര്‍, ประเทศมาดากัสการ์, มาดากัสการ์, ມາຄາກັສກາ, མ་དཱ་གྷསྐཱར།, მადაგასკარი, ማዳጋስካር, ម៉ាដាហ្កាស្ការ, マダガスカル, マダガスカル共和国, 马达加斯加, 마다가스카르, 마다카스카르.

Its coordinates are 20°0'0" S and 47°0'0" E in DMS (Degrees Minutes Seconds) or -20 and 47 (in decimal degrees). Its UTM position is QC08 and its Joint Operation Graphics reference is SE38-16.

Current local time is 12:21; the sun rises at 08:01 and sets at 20:08 local time (Indian/Antananarivo UTC/GMT+3). The standard time zone for Malgache Republic is UTC/GMT+3
In 2015 DST starts on - and ends on -.



Weather Malgache Republic (Cloud cover, Temperature, Wind speed and Precipitation mm probab.)


Mar 28
11 °C min
25 °C max
11 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Mar 29
12 °C min
25 °C max
7 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Mar 30
~11 l/m2 35%
12 °C min
24 °C max
12 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Mar 31
~6 l/m2 26%
12 °C min
24 °C max
13 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Apr 1
~1 l/m2 11%
12 °C min
23 °C max
18 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Apr 2
10 °C min
24 °C max
14 km/h
Thu Jan 1

Weather Graph

Republic of Madagascar (Madagascar (general)) 7 day forecast

Map and Photos Malgache Republic


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