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Hô Chi Minh Ville

(Thanh pho Ho Chi Minh) / Thanh pho Ho Chi Minh

10°45'0" N

106°40'1" E

~4m asl

04:30 (ICT - UTC/GMT+7)

Ho Chi Minh Ville (Hô Chi Minh Ville) is a seat of a first-order administrative division (class P - Populated Place) in Thanh pho Ho Chi Minh (H? Chí Minh), Vietnam (Asia) with the region font code of Vietnam. It is located at an elevation of 4 meters above sea level and its population amounts to 3,467,331.
Hô Chi Minh Ville is also known as Cathair Ho Chi Minh, Cidade de Ho Chi Minh, Ciudad Ho Chi Minh, HCMC, HCMV, Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh Ville, Ho Chi Minh borg, Ho Chi Minh-byen, Ho Chi Minhin kaupunki, Ho Chi Minhstad, Ho Si Minh-varos, Ho Si Minh-város, Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt, Ho-Chi-Minh-Ville, Ho-Ci-Min-Urbo, Ho-Ĉi-Min-Urbo, Hociminovo Mesto, Hosimina, Hosiminh, Hočiminovo Mesto, Hošimina, Hošiminh, Hô Chi Minh Ville, Hô-Chi-Minh-Ville, Kho Shi Min, Khoshimin, Kota Ho Chi Minh, Sai Gon, Saigon, Saïgon, Sài Gòn, TPHCM, Thanh pho Ho Chi Minh, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, hochimin, hochimin shi, hojjimin si, hu zhi ming shi, hw z'y myn syty, mdynt hwshy mnh, saigon, saygwn, Хо Ши Мин, Хошимин, הו צ'י מין סיטי, سايگون, مدينة هوشي منه, サイゴン, ホーチミン, ホーチミン市, 胡志明市, 호찌민 시.

Its coordinates are 10°45'0" N and 106°40'1" E in DMS (Degrees Minutes Seconds) or 10.75 and 106.667 (in decimal degrees). Its UTM position is XS88 and its Joint Operation Graphics reference is NC48-07.

Current local time is 04:30; the sun rises at 08:41 and sets at 20:48 local time (Asia/Phnom_Penh UTC/GMT+7). The standard time zone for Ho Chi Minh Ville is UTC/GMT+7
In 2018 DST starts on - and ends on -.

A Seat of a first-order administrative division is seat of a first-order administrative division (PPLC takes precedence over PPLA).



Weather Hô Chi Minh Ville (Cloud cover, Temperature, Wind speed and Precipitation mm probab.)


Oct 18
~24 l/m2 70%
25 °C min
33 °C max
7 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Oct 19
~19 l/m2 58%
25 °C min
30 °C max
11 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Oct 20
~7 l/m2 72%
24 °C min
29 °C max
12 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Oct 21
~18 l/m2 84%
24 °C min
27 °C max
11 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Oct 22
~4 l/m2 68%
23 °C min
32 °C max
9 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Oct 23
~5 l/m2 35%
24 °C min
32 °C max
7 km/h
Thu Jan 1

Weather Graph

Thanh pho Ho Chi Minh (Thanh pho Ho Chi Minh) 7 day forecast

Map and Photos Ho Chi Minh Ville


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