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Isle of Man

/ Isle of Man

54°15'0" N

4°30'0" W

~348m asl

20:56 (GMT - UTC/GMT+0)

Isle of Man (Isle of Man) is a island (class T - Hypsographic) in Isle of Man (Isle of Man (general)), Isle Of Man [ United Kingdom ] (Europe) with the region font code of Americas/Western Europe. It is located at an elevation of 348 meters above sea level and its population amounts to 75,049.
Isle of Man is also known as Eiland Man, Eilean Mhanainn, Ila de Man, Ile de Man, Ilha de Man, Illa de Man, Illa de Man - Ellan Vannin, Insel Man, Insula Man, Insulele Man, Isla de Man, Isla han Man, Isle Of Man, Isle o Mann, Isle of Man, Islla de Man, Isola di Man, Man, Man (Ile), Man (Île), Man Adasi, Man Adası, Man sziget, Man uhartea, Man-sziget, Manav, Mani saar, Manksinsulo, Mann, Mannin, Mansaari, Mehn, o-v, Men, Menas sala, Meno sala, Moen, Monapia, Mön, Nesos Man, Oilean Mhanann, Oileán Mhanann, Ostriv Men, Ostrov Man, Ostrov Mehn, Ostrvo Choveka, Ostrvo Man, Otok Man, Pulau Man, Vostrau Men, Wyspa Man, Ynys Manaw, Ynys Manow, jzyrt man, maen seom, maenseom, man dao, Île de Man, Île dé Man, Νήσος Μαν, Востраў Мэн, Мен, Мэн, о-в, Острво Ман, Острво Човека, Остров Ман, Остров Мэн, Острів Мен, האי מאן, האי מן, جزيرة مان, เกาะแมน, კუნძული მენი, მანის კუნძული, マン島, 曼岛, 曼島, 맨 섬, 맨섬.

Its coordinates are 54°15'0" N and 4°30'0" W in DMS (Degrees Minutes Seconds) or 54.25 and -4.5 (in decimal degrees). Its UTM position is VF01 and its Joint Operation Graphics reference is NN30-04.

Current local time is 20:56; the sun rises at 07:47 and sets at 19:54 local time (Europe/Isle_of_Man UTC/GMT+0). The standard time zone for Isle of Man is UTC/GMT+0
In 2021 DST starts on 28 Mar 2021 and ends on 31 Oct 2021.

A Island is a tract of land, smaller than a continent, surrounded by water at high water.



Weather Isle of Man (Cloud cover, Temperature, Wind speed and Precipitation mm probab.)


Dec 5
6 °C min
7 °C max
19 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Dec 6
~13 l/m2 72%
6 °C min
9 °C max
52 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Dec 7
~15 l/m2 77%
5 °C min
8 °C max
79 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Dec 8
~26 l/m2 87%
5 °C min
9 °C max
53 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Dec 9
~4 l/m2 59%
6 °C min
8 °C max
41 km/h
Thu Jan 1


Dec 10
~22 l/m2 91%
4 °C min
8 °C max
46 km/h
Thu Jan 1

Weather Graph

Isle of Man (Isle of Man) 7 day forecast

Map and Photos Isle of Man


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  Isle Of Man [ United Kingdom ] (British Crown Dependency):

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